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Summer Research Program

This program, running for over twenty years, seeks to provide learners with an interest in healthcare, especially medicine, an opportunity to experience healthcare before committing to a college or specific career path. As a part of the program, the learners will engage with a variety of physicians and other healthcare associates from a variety of disciplines to learn about the everyday aspects of their specialty. In addition, the program has a robust laboratory and clinical component that includes basic physical exam and history, human anatomy using cadaveric specimens, ECGs, laceration repair, and shadowing physicians within our hospital's emergency room.   As a part of the program's graduation requirement,  the students will be expected to work in a group to conduct literature searches and give formal presentations on a relevant aspect of medicine or a disease. Following completion of the program, the learners will receive a certificate of completion from the Graduate Medical Education Department that can be used as a part of college/graduate school admissions applications.  


  • This program will be open to juniors and seniors in high school, graduated senior high school students and college undergraduates.

  • Students must be at least sixteen years old at program start. 

  • A total of sixteen candidates will be selected for the program

  • The Program runs from mid-July to early August this year in Southfield

  • The participants will be required to attend full-time during the course of the program and to abide by corporate guidelines for conduct, attendance, and dress

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For additional information, or questions regarding the Summer Research Program, please direct inquiries to: 


Jeffrey Flynn, Ph.D.

Director of Scholarly Inquiry, Department of Medical Education


Phone: 248-849-2590


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